Tvrtka Calvados Club osnovana je 2001. godine sa sjedištem u Splitu.
Danas je Calvados Club vodeća tvrtka u segmentu luksuznog turizma koji
se bazira na kreiranju luksuznih programa po mjeri klijenta. Počašćeni smo
i činjenicom što su ugledna svjetska udruženja, kao što su Virtuso, Travel
Leaders, XO private i Carey prepoznala naše vrijednosti i poslovne
kvalitete, te nas pozvala u svoje članstvo.
Opis tvrtke (Engleski jezik) Calvados Club is a proud memebr of Virtuoso, Travel Leaders, XO Private
and Carey Alliance. For over a decade, Calvados Club Luxury Travel has
been pampering the most discerning clients and creating unique travel
experiences in the exciting West Balkan region (Croatia & beyond). This
beautiful but little-known part of the world has true gems to offer to the
modern high-end traveller. We put the new hot spots on the luxury travel
map – the pristine Mediterranean hubs of Croatia and Montenegro, alpine
fairytale sceneries of Slovenia and new and exotic destinations such as
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.
Our unsurpassed insight into destination’s best, personalized approach
and uncompromised level of services make us the leading in-the-know
ground operator in the region. Offering anything from the upmarket hotels
and glitzy yacht charters to personalized historic tours and authentic dining
experiences, we are really a one-stop-shop for our partners. All our
programs are carefully crafted and made-to-measure, making sure that our
clients get the absolute best from their trip. So, with Calvados Club, the high-
end experience in this region is ultimate.
Adresa (Ulica, broj, Mjesto) Gundulićeva 4, Split
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